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Excellent tool for Chinese.

Try it out. Definitely a good learning resource for Mandarin Chinese. It's free, it has audio. It has quizzes and review. A ton of words and lessons.

Best App Ever

Love it, downloaded eight other languages. Waiting for the Korean version. The most fun I've had with a quick learning tool. I've managed to confidently learn 40 words in two hours than I have in two weeks elsewhere.


Good job, guys. 非常感谢


Thanks for being there for us Chinese learners!

Very good

My 5 yr old finds it very easy to use and it greatly supplements her language training. I've also just started using it. Highly recommended. LkM


This app is actually really amazing. It gives me more vocabulary than other apps and they don't push you to buy anything. I'm happy about that because I have to practice anytime I can because my sister in law is Taiwanese. Anyways, I would recommend this as a starter and intermediate course with some advanced words.

Happy with this app

Very good.

Muy recomendada

Facil para poder practicar mientras se estudia

Very good!!!

So fun, and a very dynamic way to learn vocabulary


This app is a lot of fun and it will help teach elementary Chinese. I like it.

Great app for building vocabulary

App teaches new vocabulary under categories me provides many types of memorization and recognition techniques and games. I wish they also had the option for traditional characters as well.

Most asome

I love learning it

The best one so far!

We have tried so many apps to learn a language and many of them did not do so well. This app hits all of the points you need to learn a language. That includes reading, pronunciation, and writing.


it is a good app!

Perfect for a beginner!

I love it so far.

Awesome, BEST ever!!!

Well I haven't tried this exact version, but I have tried the Basic Russian. It was awesome and easy, but that is because I kinda knew the language and letters. This'll be a new experience. And to agree to another reviewer, yes, pinyin should be included because the spelling part, which is fun, will not be possible for me, again referring to another reviewer, pinyin should be in the next update. Other than that this app is awesome and includes so much more than the Russian version. And a huge suggestion as I said before, ADD pinyin!!!! In the NEXT update. That's all that I want and awesome awesome awesome for whoever thought of this app!!!!

Needs Pinyin

It needs pinyin since learning Chinese characters is a long process.

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